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Heat making pipes burst, roads buckle | News

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Heat making pipes burst, roads buckle

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Burst pipes, cracked roads and shifted home foundations are showing up all over Oklahoma. No, it wasn't an earthquake, record-breaking heat is doing all the damage.

"It's caused by the expansion and contraction of the soil that's caused by the shift in the weather," Oklahoma City Utilities spokesperson Debbie Regan said.

News Channel 4 captured video of a water main break exploding.

Officials say this is becoming a regular occurrence. 

"Currently we're seeing about four times more breaks a day than we normally do this time of year because of the severe drought," Regan said.

The triple-digit heat is also taking its toll on the roads.

Cracks on the road, as seen on Lincoln Boulevard, are showing up everyday. 

Casey Shell with Oklahoma Department of Transportation said, "Typically we see some joints that will start to punch up, causing cracks and fractures in the pavement." 

Officials with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol said a severe buckle in the road caused a near-fatal motorcycle crash on Monday.  

Drivers aren't the only ones who need to be concerned with the overheated infrastructure.  

A local plumber tells us homeowners should also be worried. 

"If your foundation moves, it can definetely affect the structure. It can cause problems with the sheet rock breaking inside, cracking bricks or mortar cracking," Cherokee Plumbing Owner Collin Fraiser said.

He also said wetting your home's foundation can help prevent the shift from happening. 

"If you dig about an inch in the ground you can test to see how dry it is. If the ground is moist, then the foundation is probably safe from heat structure movement,"  Fraiser said.


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