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Owner sees crime on camera, chases thieves | News

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Owner sees crime on camera, chases thieves

YUKON, Okla. -- Tuesday afternoon about 2 p.m., thieves tripped the security alarm at to Onyx Financial. It's localed near 39th Expressway and Meridian Ave. in Oklahoma City. Greg Conrady owns the business.

It's the second time they've been hit in just a month.
The whole incident takes just five minutes.
Conrady watched it happen with a security program he could monitor on his iPhone.
He called Oklahoma City Police, but officers weren't able to respond right away because of other priority calls.
Eventually Oklahoma County Sheriff's Deputies responded and nabbed one of the three suspects.
Conrady followed the thieves to a metal recycling center near downtown.
Harvey Mitchell, 47, was arrested; the other two got away.
Conrady's brother, Paul Conrady is sure this isn't the first time this trio partnered up to make cash on crime.
"According to the metal recycler's paperwork, one of them has collected $13,000 in copper; another one of the guys has brought in $8,000. The third guy, $4,000. This copper that they're collecting money on obviously isn't their copper."
Right now the surveillance video is posted on www.crimeseen.com.
It's a crime-solving social network.
You can take a closer look there and if you recognize the suspects on the video, call police.


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