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Meadowbrook Acres Home Tour: A Rediscovery

Meadowbrook Acres presents the MEADOWBROOK ACRES HOME/POOL/GARDEN TOUR which will be held Sunday June 23rd from 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm.

Meadowbrook Acres had its beginnings in the early 1920′s when a few small cabins were built on half acre lots to serve as summer retreats near Belle Isle Lake. At this time Belle Isle Lake and Amusement Park was at its height of popularity.

It offered dancing, swimming, boating, amusement rides and performances by some of the top entertainers of the day including one memorable Fourth of July appearance by The Great Houdini. Today Belle Isle shopping center occupies this site.

In the 1940′s when Oklahoma City began to grow to the north Meadowbrook became more urban and some lots were divided and year round homes built. In the following decades as Oklahoma City continued to grow to the north Meadowbrook Acres began experiencing a slow decline.

Eight years ago the influence of Chesapeake Energy’s development in the area motivated Meadowbrook Acres residents to unite and form a neighborhood association. Working with the City and Chesapeake the neighborhood association succeeded in ensuring that the balance of the neighborhood would be preserved as a residential community.

Neighborhood boundaries have been defined and grant money from Chesapeake and the City funded the two neighborhood markers. During the last two years new and exciting infill projects have been completed with more in the planning stage and many existing homes have been and are being renovated.

Today Meadowbrook Acres combines elements from the 1920′s with contemporary living and demonstrates how determination and united effort can successfully revitalize a neighborhood.

Welcome and enjoy your visit.


RESILIENT HOME 1143 NW 56th John and Trig Sturgis

The Sturgis’s first lived in the original home on this lot before they moved two blocks north to 58th Street. When the 58th Street home was acquired by Chesapeake they purchased this lot, razed the old structure and in 2011 built this unique energy efficient home.

Built with ICF concrete exterior walls, high energy efficient windows, custom glass counters, cherry butcher block island and contemporary durable flooring products the home is an excellent example of green residential living.

To preserve memories from their beloved 58th Street home some architectural elements were salvaged and incorporated into this new home.
Trig and John’s resilience and commitment to the neighborhood serves to make a statement about the future of Meadowbrook Acres.

REFRESHED GARDEN AND POOL 1143 NW 57th Robert and Susie Reid

The Reids purchased this 1940′s property seven years ago and immediately started a complete renovation of the house. Geo Thermal heat and air, high efficiency siding, hot water on demand system are a few of the improvements made.

The back yard was the last project and this amazing pool surrounded by boulders, rock pathways, trees and plants was completed last year. An evening by the pool with family and friends is enhanced by an outstanding audio system and big screen video.

Susie and Rob’s vision along with the talents of craftsmen and landscapers who live in the neighborhood have helped make this property part of the eclectic mix of great places to live in Meadowbrook Acres.

REPLANTED ORGANIC FRONT GARDEN 1129 NW 56th Barry and Anni Bragg

Barry is a third generation resident and has lived in the neighborhood since 1973. To make way for Classen Curve he and Anni moved from their Military Avenue location to this home in 2007. The house was in a major state of disrepair and it has taken a labor of love to level the structure which was 14 inches off kilter, and install new electrical, windows and siding among other improvements.

Four years ago the Braggs began transforming their front lawn into a raised bed organic vegetable garden. The most recent projects have been installing the infrastructure for an irrigation system fed by city water or rain water, a solar power LED pathway lighting system and a weed resistant rock walkway. Planned are the addition of blackberry and muscadine grapes (the only native grape in North America) and a pear and apple tree.

An unconventional front yard is welcomed as conventional in this rediscovered neighborhood


Built in the early 20′s this home became the Littlefield residence eight years ago. The structure was covered with various layers of exterior siding, had missing windows and a leaking roof but an interior that was relatively unchanged. Rob envisioned restoring the exterior to its original charm and repurposing the interior to accommodate today’s need for easy living and efficiency.

The nearly half acre garden was an overgrown wilderness at move-in it is now filled with diverse plantings and has several water features enhanced by decorative whimsical rescued items.

The studio has been completely renovated and provides a charming refuge amid the bamboo.

An example of how nurturing the old can compliment the new and both can work together to accomplish a very cool neighborhood.

REDEFINED HOME AND PATIO 1133B NW 56th David and Dara Wanzer

Inspired to uplift the neighborhood David Wanzer designed and built these four remarkable homes on a lot that had been vacant for many years. Sleek clean lines, state of the art materials, expansive sun filled spaces and modern style add to the bohemian mix of the neighborhood.

The staircase fabricated from sanded and polished structural steel is just one example of what makes this home so striking. The balconies and private courtyard serve as peaceful retreats for David, Dara and the family cat.

The neighborhood welcomed this project as good use of land and a step towards redefining higher density residential living in Meadowbrook Acres.




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