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Aussie Thunder fans honeymoon in OK at game | News

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Aussie Thunder fans honeymoon in OK at game

OKLAHOMA CITY -- The Thunder played host to some special guests Monday night. In the crowd were two fans who decided to travel from Perth, Australia to Oklahoma City for their honeymoon.

Andrew Bartucciotta is a huge NBA fan.

His bride Magda caught the bug too saying, "I'm a pretty big sports buff myself. So, I started getting on board during the playoffs last season."

The couple crossed more than 10,000 miles just to see a Thunder game and ended up sitting court-side.

Andrew says, "It's a crazy story when you think about it."

The pair contacted the team simply asking how to buy tickets.

When the Thunder staff heard their story, they decided to roll out the red carpet.

Dan Mahoney with the Thunder says, "We're thrilled to have them. They really represent a world full of NBA fans."

The Bartucciottas loved seeing their team with their own eyes.

They even got to watch the warm-up when Durant made their day.

Andrew says, "Kevin Durant waved at my beautiful wife and I'm okay with that. That's cool, she's got a thing for Kevin Durant."

Magda giggles and says, "Yeah just a little." She adds, "We've got our own basketball league in Australia but it's nothing like this. NBA is off the charts."

Andrew says, "This is just beyond anything we ever imagined. It's blown us away. Just a big warm thank you to everyone."

After all the excitement, the couple is headed off to Hawaii for some rest and relaxation to round out their honeymoon.


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